Tokimeki Check-in! - Download Edition / ときめきCheck in! [English]

2019-02-28 19:02 UTC
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![alt text]( **Title**: Tokimeki Check-in! **Original title**: ときめきCheck in! **Length**: Medium (10 - 30 hours) **Year**: Japan 1999-01-24, English Download Edition 2010-03-26 **Developer**: Crowd **Publishers**: Peach Princess, JAST USA **Language**: English **Voice**: Japanese **Uncensored/No Mosaics** **Description**: ![alt text]( You are Takayuki Yamano, the unwilling operator of Yamano Inn, which you took over from your parents after graduating from college. An average Japanese youth who's more than a little bit of a slacker, you wanted more than anything to get away from the inn where you grew up, but here you are. It's hard work, but you don't mind being around your childhood friend Ayumi and the spunky but cute Makoto, who work with you in the inn. You don't have time for moaning, as every day is a busy one at Yamano Inn. This morning, three lovely guests arrive from Tokyo, adding even more sexual twists to this outrageous story. Having so many beautiful girls around you no doubt leads to some sexual excitement, and you never were able to resist the urge to peek at heavenly bodies enjoying a bath in the hot springs. But when the lovely angels around you get in the mood, it might be time to make some beautiful music. Source: [JAST USA]( **Important**: 1. Install and play **Screenshots**: ![alt text]( ![alt text]( ![alt text]( ![alt text]( ![alt text](

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  • tokimeki-install-1.1.exe (233.4 MiB)
Awesome, this one actually runs competently on newer OSes. Thanks as always for your hard work, Superelmo! Do you think you could share the download version of the first X-change game too, if you've got it? All that's uploaded elsewhere is the disc version which, like Tokimeki's disc version, runs kinda funky on newer computers.
That last pic though, her spine is pretty flexible
Fantastic! Thank you so much for uploading the installer version of the game! Hope to see more releases like this! Could you also upload the installer version of this game if possible?
According to the VN discussion at vndb this game has at least 17 endings!
haven't seen this one in years, it was one of my first VNs and I thought I just sucked at them, its honestly kinda difficult given that you need to figure out where people are and when but its very much worth the time. Think I will pull it down for my collection and nostalgia sake.
Thanks for the new version superelmo!!!