[RPG] [ENG] [uncen] Phantom Thief Celianna / 性義の怪盗セリアーヌ~エロトラップダンジョンの先のお宝を奪え!~ / Celierne, Thief Of Justice ~Go Through The Ero Trap Dungeon To Get Treasures!~ (Acerola / あせろら / Kagura Games)

2018-11-16 13:33 UTC
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  • Phantom Thief Celianna [ENG]
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      • BattleEffect.wolf (60.7 MiB)
      • CharaChip.wolf (974.8 KiB)
      • EVCG.wolf (46.0 MiB)
      • Evtext.wolf (355.2 KiB)
      • Fog_BackGround.wolf (144.0 KiB)
      • MapChip.wolf (19.1 MiB)
      • MapData.wolf (162.5 KiB)
      • Picture.wolf (17.2 MiB)
      • SE.wolf (4.1 MiB)
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      • anime032.wolf (68.7 MiB)
      • voice.wolf (134.0 MiB)
    • SmartSteamEmu
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        • 620
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        • 730
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        • Readme.txt (86 Bytes)
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    • SmartSteamLoader.exe (227.0 KiB)
Dang these chicks have long vaginas.
please purchase the game. it is only $10 and i’d like to see more translations from this developer https://jastusa.com/phantom-thief-celianna https://www.mangagamer.com/detail.php?product_code=1090&goods_type=1 https://store.steampowered.com/app/907210/Phantom_Thief_Celianna/
Checked on steam and... censored! Nope. Totally gonna pirate this.
There is a free uncensor patch on the homepage of the group, just like every Hgame they release