[lamonae] Cream Lemon - 29 - Impressions of Europe

2018-11-03 17:14 UTC
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In the previous release comments I was joking at Murica, but this time the Fairy Dust folks took a stab at old Urop. Based on a Yui Toshiki story with the same name, you can expect the sexy weirdness associated with the early works of the artist (see Wingding Orgy, Misty Girl or Hot Tails for what was translated into english). Our unnamed heroine will meet, among other things, a Sun Doll taxi driver, flying fishes, a talking upside-down mushroom, and greedy french frogs. The place is called "Europe", but it looks more like what Europe has become after the ~~migrant invasion~~ cultural enrichment the continent is currently dealing with, a sort of dark middle-age place. This episode and the next two were part of the "Mangaka Best Hit" series, being made by famous mangaka of the time. It had probably an ambitious lineup of episodes to come, but an event basically destroyed all those ambitions. On 23th of July 1989, a few months before the episodes releases, [Miyazaki Tsutomu](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsutomu_Miyazaki) was arrested after having kidnapped, mutilated and killed several little girls. The so-called "Otaku Murderer" case (together with the economic bubble burst) triggered a backslash campaign against all "immoral" contents on anime, manga and games (being labeled adult of not). To avoid being targeted directly, the 3 episodes were cut in the initial release, all explicit sex scenes removed and the videos released as 'general public'. Only 6 months later the 'adult-only' uncut episodes (but censored) were released. It is highly probable the expected sequel of Astalot was canceled for the same reason, and in general the lack of adult anime production between 1990 and 1994. But this is history now, just enjoy what has survived this dark period and happy fapping perverts :p ![](http://lamonae.free.fr/lemon/ep29.jpg)

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