[lamonae] Cream Lemon - 28 - Magic City Astalot

2018-09-23 21:35 UTC
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*O arrogant humanity! Not all that exists in fansub world is visible to your mortal eyes!* The most improbable things can happen, like #lamonae@rizon.irc.net being able to make a fansub. After 4 years with very limited activity, we are once again back on tracks for more Cream Lemon goodness, probably with a decent release rate. We are getting into the so-called Special episodes, which are typically standalone and longer than the standard 25 mn OVA format we got so far. Today's episode is probably a good description of what the world would become after Donald Trump's first (second?) mandate. Evil forces of the ~~republican party~~ demon world have invaded earth and put humanity on his knees. Thanksfully they got saved by the ~~democrats~~ elves who used ~~impeachment~~ magic to seal the Demon Lord. In that process most of the elves used up their ~~weed~~ energy and were sealed as well. But evil is still leaking through, the last surviving elf called ~~Chelsea Clinton~~ Mel has the task to get rid of it ~~for the 2024 elections~~ once for all. On the technical aspects, the episode was a new project of mangaka Kazuna Kei (Rall, Star Trap) and a premise of the episodes to come (see the lineup at the end of the video), it was released shortly after an event that affected all the otaku and adult market, but I will come to that for the next release. At the end you have a big TO BE CONTINUED screen but a sequel never materialized, maybe because of that event. Mosaic censorship is rather strong, but it's just an alternative fact, you know. Demon or elf, elephant or donkey, enjoy this new release from the best zombie (demonic?) team ever! ![](http://lamonae.free.fr/lemon/ep28.jpg)

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