Love's Sweet Garnish / Koi ni, Kanmi o Soete / 恋ニ、甘味ヲソエテ [English, Japanese, Chinese, Adult Version]

2018-09-10 05:10 UTC
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![alt text]( **Title**: Koi ni, Kanmi o Soete **Original title**: 恋ニ、甘味ヲソエテ **Length**: Short (2 - 10 hours) **Year**: Japan 2017-12-31, English Version 2018-09-08 **Developer**: Canvas+Garden **Publishers**: Sekai Project & Denpasoft **Language**: English, Japanese, Chinese **Voice**: Japanese **Description**: My new home is my grandmother’s house that also functions as a café. Due to my grandmother’s recent illness and hospitalization, however, she was forced to close the café until further notice. When I heard about my grandmother’s situation from Chisato Komada (a childhood friend who is like an older sister to me), I looked around the desolate café and my heart was filled with a sense of loneliness. It was then I immediately thought: “I want to bring the shop back to life again and show it to grandmother…!!!” We renovated the inside of the shop and gave it a new name. We prepared a new menu and café uniforms and began the hiring process to find new, part-time staff. Right away two girls, Niwasaka Rira and Shionomiya Rishie, came into the cafe. 「“Um… would it be ok if we worked here?”」 An unusually strong breeze blew cherry blossom petals inside the shop and they fluttered and danced around the cafe, myself, and the girls around me. This could only be a premonition of the bittersweet tale that would soon follow… **Important**: 1. No need to install. **!!!** H-Scenes - After finishing the game once, go to Extra - Scene. **!!!** DARKSiDERS crack is included. **Screenshots**: ![alt text]( ![alt text]( ![alt text]( ![alt text]( ![alt text](

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!!! H-Scenes - After finishing the game once, go to Extra - Scene.???? Is that new trends for Eroge??? *sighs*
Nope, its actually quite common. A lot of visual novels have that option.
Not really, it's mostly releases with Sekai as partners with worldwide release. Thanks for the upload by the way!
Cute game! Thank you for uploading:)
It's actually very rare for H-scenes to not play during a route etc only a few visual novels do that, that I'm aware of, Eden and Maitetsu are two visual novels that have you read the H-scenes separately. @kiwianimefan Doesn't look like you understand what the first commenter meant by that, H-scenes are normally viewed during the route while it is rare for them to just be unlocked and have you view them later. I think what you're thinking about is the gallery menu or extras where you can view CGs etc again but for this VN you don't view the H-scene normally. @JoshB2084 Not really a trend, it just depends on how the visual novel was designed in this case it had the H-scenes separate.
Ah I see, thanks for the correction, Shaun.
The reason why they kept H-scenes separated probably because of the all-ages release, it easier for them to cut the h-scenes off.
@justtime I believe that is incorrect, it was made this way on purpose, it had nothing to do with an all-ages release. If that was the case than many visual novels with both an all-ages and adult only release would do the same which isn't the case here and that never is the case, it just depends on how they design the visual novel to handle H-scenes either while you're reading or separate. There really is nothing wrong with viewing them after you've read a route though. FYI Steam will be accepting uncensored visual novels soon:
Do you have this around somewhere? I been looking for it in search but no results anywhere
^ Ignore the VNDB page the uploader is using in the "Information" link, the person used the wrong link but the torrent is correct as it is what I have as well.
Superelmo, Are you going to upload "Sisterly Bliss ~Don't Let Mom Find Out~"? Thanks.
How to actually start the game? Executing KoiniKanmiwoSoete.exe does nothing...

superelmo (uploader)

No error message? You can try Force Re-Check the torrent, move the game folder to another location and run as admin.
Already tried everything you've mentioned. Nothing seems to works so far. :'(

superelmo (uploader)

Without at least an error message I can't really help except give suggestions. Another thing you can try is add steam_api.dll and ds.ini as exceptions in case your antivirus program is blocking/deleting them. Or, try playing on another PC if possible.
Thank you so much! I'd been looking for this for a while now! I had honestly given up hope of getting the adult version.