Maitetsu | まいてつ (Fakku Edition + Restoration Patch + Demosaic Patch)

2018-07-25 12:02 UTC
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Ultra compressed with 7zip Original file size: 6.26 GB ----------------------------------------------------------- Update - Demosaic Patch COMPLETE (please update with this file) ----------------------------------------------------------- ![alt text]( Enjoy

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  • Maitetsu (Fakku Edition + Restoration Patch + Demosaic Patch 2018.07.24).zip (5.0 GiB)
I always wonder why VNs in where all you have to do is click to display some text and a collection of pictures can rack up so many fucking GBs.
Well the cg/image quality that add so many gb.
It's the voice files. The longer the game is the bigger it is.
game companies still haven't figured out how to optimize their fucking data If I got one cent for each byte I've saved by compressing/converting wavs to flac/ogg, running png images through zopfli, uncompressing data archives and using dedup on shared files (read: kirikiri) then I'd be a fucking millionare by now
Stop complaining, get a job, and buy an external hard drive. It doesn't even cost that much these days. 5GB is nothing.
It's indeed the voice files, and they keep them relatively uncompressed. And there are dozen of hours of voice. So yeah it takes space.
BlackLash <<< real jobless and psychopath.
@backlash woah dude why the butthurt? I'm not complaining I was genuinely wondering why the size. Did I touch a sensible topic for you? I'm sorry you can't afford a decent hard drive. Geez
Does no one have the Fakku patch for the Steam version only? Can't find it anywhere searched for ages...
THANKS Can you please seed Shoujo Ramune 1 and 3 ?
So, this is the 100% fully uncensored, demosaiced full game with corrected sentences, right? Or is there something missing and I should wait for another patch?
Can anyone upload the vanilla copy of the updated/new Fakku release (2018-07-31)? Without all the patches?