[Shindou] P&D BOOKS - Puzzle & Dragons Scrapbook (x3200) [FAKKU]

2018-07-22 21:16 UTC
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I got ip-banned from tsumino and that is why I deleted all the torrents. They fucking import from nyaa ,exhentai ,and resize the images and think they are hot shits. Fuck tsumino and their shills. So, a fuck ton of doujins, the fakku subscription batches and all of the books ARE YOUR "SOURCES"??? HAHAHAHAH NOT PROFIT? YOU TRIED TO GO PATREON AND GOT SHUTDOWN BECAUSE OF DMCA TAKEDOWN NOTICE BY FAKKU. You tried to get scummy patreon money by using fakku contents. No shame in claiming that you are not into profit when you even tried to go patreon and almost succeeded. How about you guys not use sukebei and use your own "sources". Lets see if you use my uploads or not next time and see who is lying. good luck on your "sources". Then, how about delete everything I uploaded before and also the ones that aren't your "sources". How about you don't use sukebei and use your own fucking "sources" and just wipe everything and rub the fucking salt at your userbase. You think your user base would care about you without fakku? There isn't a single ounce of your effort in getting fakku's contents on your site. You are just some third-rate importer and claiming I am salty. You are implying that you will profit off it if you weren't taken down? You would have made profit if you could have using fakku's labor. Sounds like something a scumbag would do. Do delete the things that aren't your "sources" if you aren't a liar pussy of a faggot. No, you won't because everything I said is the truth. Where is your argument now salty boi? >[![Support the Artist](https://files.catbox.moe/rfh08k.png)](https://www.fakku.net/hentai/pd-books-puzzle-dragons-scrapbook-english) *** ![Oops! A cover was supposed to be here.](https://files.catbox.moe/ypcrnv.jpg)

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Nephthys is a god, thank you both.
pay them back,link all the fakku books on Tsumino to Jacob so they got taken down.
Thank you and fuck tsumino
Wait, what? Because someone, who is obviously a dick and plays by no rules, took from you and resized it and posted on their site. So you got pissy fit and decide to delete torrent on nyaa (but the stuff on their site remains). Don't get me wrong, I think that everyone who does the stuff like Tsumino deserves to die, but you're doing it wrong. What you're doing is punishing the readers who lurk here (like I and plenty of people do). You're like that A-team scanlator guys who went on crusade against Mangafox, by putting million watermarks on their pages, and by doing that, fucking a lot of people who download and read from their site. There are smarter ways to do this, like reporting them to Jewcob and let them deal on their own. Also, who gives a fuck about Tsumino, Hitomi.la and oher shitty sites when we have Sadpanda and nyaa, literally why should you or anyone for that matter care about them? Because they used YOUR scans? That's e-peen move and you know it. Report them and stop caring, you're gonna live longer that way. Anyway, my rant is over. After all is said and done, aside from deleting past torrents, you've done a lot of stuff for this community for which we all should be grateful. Thanks again for the quality scans, and cheers m8.
^ You're right but a bit rude about it
@kitsame. Totally agree
@jenga_tower Yeah, sorry about that, I'm always a bit blunt in conversation. I really don't mean anything bad by it, point is that he should just ignore fuckers who make money on other peoples work. There will ALWAYS be that kinda guys out there, there is really no point in getting stressed out by them, ergo, just ignore them.
So wait, you deleted all of the Fakku torrents on this tracker because some random hentai website banned you? I am so confused right now, thanks for re-uploading it again anyway. I haven't even heard of Tsumino until you put it in the description for this torrent, how do we know that you're not the real shill here? Oh well. Thanks again for re-uploading it! @jenga_tower You sound like a SJW because there's nothing rude in his post.
From 2496211: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:b6183ff6cccaa680703cb884804591737174e673&dn=Shindou_PD_BOOKS_-_Puzzle_Dragons_Scrapbook_x3200_FAKKU.zip
It's not like they make money off of it, the little they possibly could is schwomped by site upkeep costs I'm sure. Regardless, thanks for the scans!
Hi, I'm an Uploader for Tsumino. Just to clarify: We don't IP ban. I don't really understand what your problem is. We also don't make money off of FAKKU content. How about getting facts straight first, eh? But if you really want to get convinced about who we are and want to talk to our Admins, Mods, and Uploaders then join it here. Maybe that can clarify things more. Discord invite: https://discord.gg/GFzPck (We also have enough Fakku sources to get by just fine without you if what you said would be really true, lol)
We don't need your uploads lmao. We may have tried a Patreon. But that doesn't change the fact that we still don't make money off of anythingy since it did fail. Some salty boy you are lol.
Man.. just ignore them
MrOverlord is a fool, don't listen to him.
Of course they scrape from other sites. Hell do you think these people pay for most on their site and scan it themselves? For that matter do you think these same people bother to give compensation from that one stranger who they got the scan from? They can't deny the fact that they are scraping the fact that most if not all of the tags are near identical to what comes from other sites such as ex, hitomi, etc (that shit can easily be done by making yourself a web scraper through python). Well in this case they probably wait a few hours or half a day to upload their ridiculously-sized jpg files along with the tags since ex is manually tagged by users. What is probably more disturbing here is the fact that they upscale everything not that you were banned. Anyone and Everyone can resize an image losslessly, doing that for a site that most people go on to use in mere minutes to jack off to use as a n alternative and have to wait for a 3-4mb jpg file to load a second longer is above retardation. I can see most people who fap with local files resizing it. If that's not enough you should see their discord there's plenty of self congratulating and wanking each other off especially when it comes to the server mods ( oh forgot to mention be careful what you say because some are also in the nhentai, ex, tsumino, and cafe discords) they get really butthurt and start banning you if you talk shit about them on other hentai servers.