[QBD-093] Nana Ito 伊藤菜々Uniform Sex (Debut 2017)

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**制服美少女と性交 伊藤菜々** 種類: DVD 発売日: 2017/06/02 収録時間: 130分 出演者: 伊藤菜々 監督: ---- シリーズ: 制服美少女と性交 メーカー: ドリームチケット レーベル: ---- ジャンル: 女子校生 美少女 ミニ系 企画 単体作品 コスプレ デビュー作品 サンプル動画 品番: qbd-093 単体でも活躍する3人が見せる普段とは違う顔 初体験を果たしたのが4ヵ月前という伊藤菜々ちゃん。149センチでタイトル通りに制服が似合う彼女の生涯2度目のSEXがAVだっつーんだから、すごい世の中ですよ。正直、超美少女ってわけじゃないんですが、いかにもおとなしくて純朴そうなところが好感。でもいきなり、脱がされる前から男優にジュボジュボ舌を吸われてて、それにしっかり応えていくあたり、健気さとエロさが同居してて興奮させてくれます。たまーにいるんですけど、感じてくるとどんどんかわいく見えてくるタイプですね。きれいなストレートの黒髪も相まって、見ていくうちに「あー、やっぱ美少女ってタイトルで問題ないわー」なんて納得させられたりして。最初の挿入シーンでは思わず顔を背けて「ああっ、痛い……」と苦悶の表情。そりゃそうですわな、4ヵ月前に1回したことがあるだけで、いきなり感じろという方が無理というもの。最初のカラミはほとんど処女喪失ものみたいな雰囲気です。構成としては制服での初カラミ、スク水でローターオナニー、そして体操服から全裸になってのSEX。後半のSEXでは同じ男優を相手に、明らかに前半より感じている様子で、短時間で彼女の成長ぶりも感じられます。まだまだいろいろ慣れてないけど、性の悦びを知ってやみつきになってしまうタイプと見た。全編、太鼓腹の中年がいたいけな少女を半ば無理矢理犯してる感じが満載で、でも菜々ちゃんも「慣れる」というよりは「慣らされる」という様子で、背徳感も味わえる作品。「そういうの」が好きな人にはタマランだろうと思われます。ラスト近くで激しく突かれつつ「力抜いて」と言われ、思いっきり眉を寄せながら「抜けない……」と言う場面もツボでした! (月刊DMM - 須羽ミツ夫) **Sex with Beautiful, Young Girls in Uniform. Nana Ito** Type: DVD Release date: 2017/06/02 Recording time: 130 minutes Cast: Ito Nana directed by: ---- Series: Uniform uniforms and sexual intercourse Manufacturer: Dream Ticket label: ---- Category: girls school girls mini girls mini projects simple works cosplay debut movies sample movies Product code: qbd-093 Three people who are also active even on their own shows different faces from usual Nani Ito, four months ago, played her first experience. Uniform is suited for the title as 149 cm Her second time in life SEX so it's a wonderful world. To be honest, it is not a super beautiful girl, but I like it quite naively and quietly. But suddenly, as the actor sucks the tongue of Jubojeoba before being taken off, and it responds firmly to it, loneliness and erotism live together and excite me. I am occasionally, but it is a type that looks more and more cute as I feel it. Coupled with beautiful straight black hair, I was convinced that "Ah, yeah, yeah babe is not a problem with the title" after all. In the first insertion scene she inadvertently turned away from my face "Oh, it hurts ..." and the expressions of agony. Oh yeah, it is possible to feel it suddenly just because she has done it only four months ago. The first sex is almost like a virgin loss. As a composition, the first sex in uniform, rotor masturbation in school, and SEX from naked from gym uniform. In the latter half of the SEX, she sees the same actor, apparently remembering it from the first half, and her growth is felt in a short time. She has not gotten used to it yet, but I saw it as a type that became addictive knowing the pleasure of sex. A full-length, full-bodied middle-aged man is forcibly making a misunderstanding girl, but Nani-chan is a work that can also taste a sense of tantrum with the appearance of being "accustomed" rather than "get used to". It seems that it will be Tamarang for those who like "such". It was told that "I pull out hard" near the last violently poked, and the scene of saying "I can not come out ... ..." while placing my eyebrows on it was also a key point! (Monthly DMM - Mitsuzu Ushu) **3.28 GB 720p mp4 no watermark (first post?)** ![alt text](https://www.akiba-online.com/attachments/qbd-093-jpg.1437969/) ![alt text](https://www.akiba-online.com/attachments/qbd-093-ss-jpg.1437970/)

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