2018-06-18 21:30 UTC
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how to contact Xmpp: iceloops123@talk.shitposter.club book from FAKKU https://www.fakku.net/hentai/penis-lord-english

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  • [F4U]_Penis_Lord_(x3200)_[FAKKU].CBZ (29.2 MiB)
did you buy this? Why a fucking cbz file? ggwp
Use 7zip to extract the images guys. https://www.7-zip.org/download.html
Don't have to use 7zip specifically. Just have to rename the file extension to .zip then can use whichever one. Winzip, winrar, 7zip, whatever. They also can already be viewed in many viewers as a cbz file.
@gevfxbi nibba tell him to just upload the zip lulz

Iceloops123 (uploader)

Narberalgamma you can just use 7zip to unarchive, I cross seed lot and the other site doesn't like cb7 and I'll refuse to use CBR because I hate rar. Sure I'm a Cb7 fan as the next guy. All I can say I use best setting on program I use.
you can just rename it to .zip file madafakku
Thanks! Any way you could upload the Mesmerism by Saikawa Yusa?

Iceloops123 (uploader)

Acerola when i can get it sure
Why unzip? There multiple readers you can use. CBZ/CBR/CB7 is just a zip/rar/7z in default load for comic readers and ebook readers. You can even open them without changing the extension.
First comment is gay

Iceloops123 (uploader)

Sorry I have to agree with Lucas narberal freaking out about file formats is kinda gay. Like I mean I'm lucky I didn't have it just a loose folder.
@NarberalGamma4996 dude dont you like cbz format? I mean its fucking cool man showing the 1st page as icon. Or maybe u dind know that @Iceloops123 ikr.. im still laughing reading that comment.
@s4m3 nope nibba i hate cbz. its far easier for me to view them in quickpic. the sorting is godly because i can view all my files easily.
are you retarded narb. Just unzip the cbz and then you get a folder with all your images?? Dumb phoneposters