Playhome [All-In-One Re-Pack] UPDATED 3/10/2018

2018-02-25 04:02 UTC
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7.1 GiB
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![alt text]( "PlayHome") ![alt text]( "PlayHome DLC") #### **Playhome [All-In-One Re-Pack] UPDATED 3/10/2018** **SIZE:** _7.12GB RAR/Zip - 19.2GB Extracted_ **CONTENTS:** *PlayHome Base Game Included with all **Updates**, **Extra Content** & **DLC*** **INSTALLTION:** *Extract or Unzip to Desktop and Play,* **No Updating** or **Patching Required** **EXTRA INFORMATION:** *Vanilla [All-In-One Re-Pack] No **Mods** or **English Translations** Where Used* **ALREADY INSTALLED:** PlayHome Base Game: ● PlayHome_DISK_01 ● PlayHome_DISK_02 ● phome_souki ● phome_yoyaku_ol ● playhome_02_plus_1020ans_all PlayHome DLC: ● playhome_add ● phomeex_01_plus ● phome_ex_studio ● phomeex_mo ● phome_ex_yoyaku_ca ● phome_ex_studio_0202sub ● phome_ex_studio_0209sub ● phomeex_01_plus_0216 ● phome_ex_studio_0216sub ● phomeex_01_plus_0223 **MISSING UPDATES** ● phome_ex_studio_0223sub ● phome_ex_studio_0302sub ● phome_ex_studio_0309sub

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  • PlayHome [All-In-One Re-Pack] UPDATED.rar (7.1 GiB)
I have a set of questions: 1. Are the MEGA files (!JEACiDpC!jGPuXAjYo0Heow0L99L0zQ) listed above, required to be copied/installed along with the torrented file above? It seems to contain files from Honey Select; As you have mentioned above "No Updating" required. 2. Are the files from the PASTEBIN link above (, required for installation of the torrented file? such as files under the 'Game Updates' header. 3. Some files in the PASTEBIN 'update log' are inaccessible as I would imagine due to copyright issues or such. Are these required or are the files already included in the torrent above/ MEGA above. Thank you and looking to hear from you as I'm not tech savvy and new to this.
No Updating or Patching is Required, since everything is already included. The Installation Order is just a reference to let people know on what was installed.
Thank you for the reply So, just to confirm, the torrent file is the only thing needed? - Do I just copy the MODS from PASTEBIN into the downloaded (torrented) file?
Thank you, Can you make a mod pack as well?