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### Episode Summary: #6 I'm Going to be Found Out! "W-What do I do? I'm not wearing any underwear, and then this happens!" Hana is corned behind the gym, called out there by Aida. He is about to grope her butt. Hana is in quite the pinch! At just that moment, Kanie appearers from behind... ### Notes: Sorry for the one day delay on this episode. You can expect the same next week, I'm afraid to say. There is going to be a live stream on NicoNico this Wednesday with the cast, but it is mostly recap of the first six episodes, so I think I'll skip translating that.

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IBN_5100 (uploader)

Here's the info page on the live stream: http://live.nicovideo.jp/gate/lv310654427
Thank you again for all this hard work! Comic Fiesta just announced next season's smut, do you have plans for that? If yes, is there anyway I can help with donation and stuff? https://kanshu.cf-anime.com/

IBN_5100 (uploader)

@gudetama Yeah, I saw this morning. It looks interesting. I generally enjoy S/M stuff. PV dropping soon, I guess. Decision is still up in the air, but I’m definitely considering it. I appreciate the offer of support. I’ve got to think about how I’d accept donations, but at least as far as the Blu-ray of 25-Sai is concerned, I’ll post some means of donating towards that with the batch.
@IBN_5100 that's great news. Do tell if you can set-up a donation page. I'd be happy to share it with a few people as well. :D
Thank you very much Next season will get another short Hentai TV series https://myanimelist.net/news/54045321

IBN_5100 (uploader)

Working on episode 7 now. Not sure if I'll be able to pull of a release tonight, but I'll do my best.
take ur time..better late than never
Yeah.... enjoy your time :)
Thanks for release :3