Custom Maid 3D 2 - 2018 Edition (1.55.1 + All DLC)

2018-01-16 18:38 UTC
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Custom Maid 3D 2 - 2018 Edition (1.55.1 + All DLC) This is a torrent that contains the latest version of Custom Maid 3D 2(version 1.55.1) and with all of the game’s DLC preinstalled. All of the DLC that was released in 2017 and before is included. It is ideal for people wanting to try the game for the first time (but don’t want to spend hours installing DLC) and for veteran players who need a fresh reinstall. Only original files are included. If you need mod support or translations please consider getting the Sybaris AIO. As a fair warning, please don’t use the Hongfire Patch with this version as it is over a year old and will break your game. Sybaris AIO: This torrent contains all DLC from!fpgFAbaS!9uUPXC-TeU7vJgMVh7YS2w and preinstalled for your convenience. ===Installation instructions=== 1. Set your computer's locale to Japanese. 2. Extract the /CM3D2/ folder to anywhere on your computer that you'd like. 3. Run the included set_install_directory.bat file within the /CM3D2/ folder to add the game's installation information to your registry. (This allows you to install future updates and DLC and is optional.) ===New in this Torrent=== [CM3D2 Shop] [Make me Lover Full Set] [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 16] [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class Skills Vol.14] [Love Bound Maid] [Denkigai 2017 Summer] [CM3D2 Shop] [Alice Soft - Beat Valkyrie Ixseal] [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class Skills Vol.15] [Ecstasy Maid] [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 17] [CM3D2 Shop] [Harukaze - Noratoto 2] [CM3D2 Append] [Karaoke Pack VR] [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 18] [CM3D2 Shop] [Giga - Baldr Bringer] [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class Skills Vol.16] [Crisis Maid] [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 19] [CM3D2 BugBug 2017] [CM3D2 Shop] [Saga Planets - Kin'iro Loveriche Vol. 1] [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 20] [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class Skills Vol.17] [Healing Maid] [CM3D2 Shop] [Saga Planets - Kin'iro Loveriche Vol. 2] [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class Skills Vol.18] [Obedient Maid] [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 21] [Denkigai 2017 Winter] ===FULL DLC LIST=== -Expansions and Content Packs- [Chu-B Lip Bonus] [Skill Disc] [CM3D2 Append] [Fanbook 1 Additional Content] [CM3D2 Append] [Fanbook 2 + VR] [CM3D2 Append] [Plus Pack ACT.2] [CM3D2 Append] [Plus Pack Act 3] [CM3D2 Shop] [Plus Pack Act 3.1] [CM3D2 Append] [Plus Pack] [CM3D2 Append] [Visual Pack] [CM3D2 Append] [Vacation Pack VR] [CM3D2 Append] [Karaoke Pack VR] -DLC Sets- [CM3D2 Shop] [DLC Set Vol.1] [CM3D2 Shop] [DLC Set Vol.2] [CM3D2 Shop] [DLC Set Vol.3] [CM3D2 Shop] [DLC Set Vol.4] [CM3D2 Shop] [DLC Set Vol.5] [CM3D2 Shop] [DLC Set Vol.6] [CM3D2 Shop] [DLC Set Vol.7] [CM3D2 Shop] [DLC Set Vol.8] [CM3D2 Shop] [DLC Set Vol.9] [CM3D2 Shop] [DLC Set Vol.10] [CM3D2 Shop] [DLC Set Vol.11] [CM3D2 Shop] [DLC Set Vol.12] -Miscellaneous Clothing and Bonuses- [CM3D2 Shop] [Cow Costume] [CM3D2 Shop] [Dohatsuten Male Head] [CM3D2 Shop] [Fox Ears and Tail] [CM3D2 Shop] [Headphones] [CM3D2 Shop] [Maid-to-Order Hairsets] [CM3D2 VR] [Fried Chicken Earrings] [CM3D2 Shop] [New Year's Hair Decoration] [CM3D2 Shop] [Separate Maid Uniform] [CM3D2 Shop] [Sports Sunglasses] [CM3D2 Shop] [White Lace Set] [CM3D2 Shop] [Yandere Launch Set] [Release Bonus] [Launch Shirt + Drill] [Sixteen Bonus] [Nao Shirt] [TECH GIAN Bonus] [November 2016 Issue] [Tokyo Big Sight Bonus] [Medal Necklace] [Vocal Collection] [Dress Set] [W-Pack Bonus] [DLSite Bonus] [Original Mascot Set] -Monthly Packs- [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 1] [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 2] [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 3] [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 4] [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 5] [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 6] [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 7] [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 8] [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 9] [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 10] [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 11] [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 12] [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 13] [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 14] [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 15] [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 16] [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 17] [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 18] [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 19] [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 20] [CM3D2 Shop] [Monthly Pack 21] -Collaborations- [CM3D2 Shop] [Kanotsuku2 + Can Know Two Close Dance] [CM3D2 Shop] [Lose - Maitetsu Costumes] [CM3D2 Shop] [Lump of Sugar - Tayutama 1&2 School Uniform] [CM3D2 Shop] [Madsoft - Wagama High Spec Costumes] [CM3D2 Shop] [Pajamas EX - Rabu Rabu Sisters Set] [CM3D2 Shop] [Senren * Banka Set] [Cm3D2 Shop] [NanaWind - Haruoto Alice * Gram] [Cm3D2 Shop] [NanaWind - Haruoto Alice * Gram Rindou Yaya Set] [CM3D2 Shop] [Carol Works - Otorena] [CM3D2 Shop] [NEKO WORKs -Neko Para] [CM3D2 Shop] [Clochette - Harumina] [CM3D2 Shop] [-Welcome to Pia Carrot!- Costumes] [CM3D2 Shop] [White Powder - Lamunation! Rumune and Iris Impersonations] [CM3D2 Shop] [Kabe Tsuma 2 Scenario Set] [CM3D2 Shop] [Minato Soft - Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!] [CM3D2 Shop] [Harukaze - Noratoto] [CM3D2 Shop] [ensemble - Ojonai] [CM3D2 Shop] [Lump of Sugar - Tayutama 2 AS] [CM3D2 Shop] [Hibiki Works - Niizuma Lovely x Cation] [CM3D2 Shop] [Make me Lover Full Set] [CM3D2 Shop] [Alice Soft - Beat Valkyrie Ixseal] [CM3D2 Shop] [Harukaze - Noratoto 2] [CM3D2 Shop] [Giga - Baldr Bringer] [CM3D2 BugBug 2017] [CM3D2 Shop] [Saga Planets - Kin'iro Loveriche Vol. 1] [CM3D2 Shop] [Saga Planets - Kin'iro Loveriche Vol. 2] -Personalities- [CM3D2 Shop] [Personality Add-on] [Yandere] [CM3D2 Shop] [Personality Add-on] [Onee-chan] [CM3D2 Shop] [Personality Add-on] [Genki Tomboy] [CM3D2 Shop] [Personality Add-on] [Sadist] -Yotogi Class SKills- [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class Skills Vol.1] [Sweet Maid] [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class Skills Vol.2] [Party Maid] [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class Skills Vol.3] [Sex Slave Maid] [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class Skills Vol.4] [Bridal Maid] [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class Skills Vol.5] [Succubus Maid] [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class Skills Vol.6] [Queen Maid] [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class Skills Vol.7] [Darkness Maid] [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class Skills Vol.8] [Cherished Maid] [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class Skills Vol.9] [Bound Maid] [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class Skills Vol.10] [Erotic Maid] [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class Skills Vol.11] [Flirty Love Maid] [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class Skills Vol.12[ [Abyss Maid] [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class Skills Vol.13] [Pig Breeder Maid] [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class Skills Vol.14] [Love Bound Maid] [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class Skills Vol.15] [Ecstasy Maid] [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class Skills Vol.16] [Crisis Maid] [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class Skills Vol.17] [Healing Maid] [CM3D2 Shop] [Yotogi Class Skills Vol.18] [Obedient Maid] -Denkigai- [Denkigai 2015 Summer] [Denkigai 2015 Winter Merchandise] [Mug] [Denkigai 2015 Winter Merchandise] [Photo Stand B] [Denkigai 2015 Winter] [Denkigai 2015 Winter] [Maid Greetings Voice CD] [Denkigai 2015 Winter] [Panties + Special Skill] [Denkigai 2015 Winter] [Towel Set] [Denkigai 2015 Winter] [T-Shirt] [Denkigai 2016 Summer] [Denkigai 2016 Summer] [Act 2 Poster] [Denkigai 2016 Summer] [Blindfold+Skillr] [Denkigai 2016 Summer] [Incense Coaster+Skill] [Denkigai 2016 Summer] [Fan] [Denkigai 2016 Summer] [Mug] [Denkigai 2016 Summer] [Lap Pillow Plugin] [Denkigai 2016 Summer] [Leathercase Mastercard Mugcup Stand] [Denkigai 2016 Summer] [Maid Water] [Denkigai 2016 Summer] [Sensu] [Denkigai 2016 Summer] [School Swimsuit + Skill] [Denkigai 2016 Summer] [T-Shirt] [Denkigai 2016 Winter] [Denkigai 2016 Winter] [Calendar] [Denkigai 2016 Winter] [Collar] [Denkigai 2016 Winter] [Maid Encouragement Plugin] [Denkigai 2016 Summer] [Act 2 Poster] Absolutely Broken [Denkigai 2017 Summer] [Denkigai 2017 Winter] -Pre-Order Bonuses- [Pre-Order Bonus 01] [Ordinary Maid Set] [Pre-Order Bonus 02] [Gothic Dress] [Pre-Order Bonus 03] [Racing Maid] [Pre-Order Bonus 04] [Military One Piece] [Pre-Order Bonus 05] [Teacher Outfit] [Pre-Order Bonus 06] [Exotic Dancer] [Pre-Order Bonus 07] [Garter Stocking] [Pre-Order Bonus 08] [Captivating Bustier] [Pre-Order Bonus 09] [Front Zip Swimsuit] [Pre-Order Bonus 10] [Bare Ribbon] -VIP Events- [CM3D2 Shop] [1st Anniversary VIP Event] [Rewards from Contest] [Maid After Hours] [Masturbation Peeping VIP] [CM3D2 NicoNicoLive] [VIP Event for Sakura, The Netori'd Catgirl] [CM3D2 Christmas 2016 and VIP Events] [CM3D2 Shop] [VR Live Event 2017] [CM3D2 Shop] [Valentines Event] [CM3D2 Shop] [Valentines Events 2017] -Official Presets- *106 Official Presets (Maids used in the game's advertising.) NTR Maids - Shiina Ai's Mistress Rin - Uncle's Maid (Extracted from the game's files.) Fujimiya Akari Odaka Chinatsu Hikutani Komori (Magazine Bonus DLC) Saionji Natsu Rin Presets of various NPCs from Act 3 (Extracted from the game's files.) *Because of the large amount of presets it has been included as a zip file. You must extract it to use them.

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Very nice, thanks for sharing.
Does this work with "CM3D2 Starter Pack(Easy Sybaris + English Translations)"? The number of leechers is also very high. I apologise also, I am new.

kasumeido (uploader)

Because this is a newer version some of the plugins in the Starter Pack will not work. There's also a newer, better translation plugin that has been released called YAT. An updated Starter Pack will be released in the future. Because the torrent is a little over a day old and large in size there are currently a few seeders, though, I haven't stopped seeding it since creating it.
Thank you so much! Did you by any chance create a custom all in one installer? If so do you mind sharing?

kasumeido (uploader)

I did not create a custom all in one installer. However, a batch file is included in the game's directory that allows you to add its install data to the registry.
A very huge file! Thank you for compiling it all! If I wanted just the DLC, is it fine to copy the GameData folder or does the DLC go in other places, too? Worst case scenario I'll just copy all the files and poke around to see how to transfer my save data. Thank you, in any case!

kasumeido (uploader)

As this is a full install, you may have less trouble if you just copy your save data files from the SaveData folder. You may get an error if you copy a GameData folder into another install that is on a different version.
Is there a translation for this? if there is how do I get it
All i get is Yotogi error and then a black screen.
I was getting the Yotogi error too, using Locale Emulator. But using NTLEA the game loads perfectly.
where is the translation? The sybaris one doesn't do anything it's still in Japanese
Is there a translation for version 1.55.1? I've tried several translations and none works with sybaris... where is the translation? The sybaris one doesn’t do anything it’s still in Japanese. If someone gets some translation, post a download link, thank you!
Please let us know how to install the translation file?
How the hell to get this uncensored
************************** if you guys download this files! just do follow this for translation and uncen! ************************** **************************
It says it's 58.8 gigabytes, but is the game going to be actually larger than that? Because my old game folder was 115 gigabytes. And I didn't even have all the DLC.
@angelflash For future reference, literally all compressed files are smaller than their originals.
@VonGola thanks, i followed that guide but plugins CM3D2.AutoTranslate.Plugin.dll and CM3D2.AddBoneSlider.Plugin.dll gave me too many errors and crashes, especially on the maid editing screen, so I had to erase them. @angelflash the decompressed game is 70Gb.