Karakara 2 +18 Steam DLC Patch

2017-11-14 20:43 UTC
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![Karakara 2 +18 Steam DLC Patch](https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2176/7017/products/KARAKARA2_DLC_1024x1024.png) **Title:** Karakara 2 +18 Steam DLC Patch **Year:** 2017-11-13 **Developer:** calme **Publishers:** Denpasoft **Language:** English, Japanese **Voice:** Japanese **Description:** **This DLC restores the full adult content of the game for the Steam version. The Denpasoft version of the game has this content built-in.** **Screenshot:** ![Karakara 2 +18 Preview](https://s.vndb.org/sf/59/107859.jpg)

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all these patches in a short time, its like xmas already
--------------------------- KARAKARA2 Append PatchR18DLC Setup --------------------------- KARAKARA2 were not installed. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- For Non Steam users, this file is useless. Release the adult.xp3 in a different torrent. Finally I managed to bypass the steam error install. Luckily I own the The Karakara one and replicated the install reg and manifests with some digging around.

Shiina (uploader)

well ofcourse this doesn't work for non-steam users. It clearly says so in the file "KARAKARA2_Steam_R18DLC.exe" Then my question is, how did you obtain the game?
I always test before buy. Funny is your question here on this torrent site. I buy most games that I played and really enjoyed. You can find me on Steam too.This game developer have my support. I'm still debating to buy the Soundtrack DLC (same price as all age version) when I already know how to extract the BGM and other stuff from these kind of games.

Shiina (uploader)

If you always test before buying then you should test The Denpasoft version which has the R+ content built in. There are a couple of releases on nyaa already, I don’t publish any games on here, just the patches. I cannot release any non-steam related patches since i don’t know what game version you’re running. I highly suggest u buy the game to support the devs or torrent the game from nyaa with the R+ content built in.


@Shiina Thanks!

Shiina (uploader)

@fhb you’re welcome!