ToHeart2 Xrated [English Patched]

2017-09-26 22:49 UTC
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![alt text]( **Title**: ToHeart2 Xrated **Length**: Long (30 - 50 hours) **Year**: Japan PC 2005-12-09, English Patch 2017-09-26 **Developer**: Leaf **Related Anime**: [AniDB]( **Translation**: [ittaku-subs]( + [README.TXT]( credits) **Language**: English **Voice**: Japanese **Uncensored/No Mosaics** **Description**: Following her graduation from middle school, Konomi Yuzuhara enters the same high school as Takāki Kono, her childhood friend. As the new school year begins, they meet their childhood friend Tamaki Kosaka, as well as many new acquaintances. Unbeknownst to the group, their encounters with each other will soon lead to many memorable adventures. **Important**: 1. No need to install. 2. The two extra games in folders "dps" and "sss" are not translated. 3. Important Notes from ["INSTALLATION_INSTRUCTIONS.TXT"]( file that comes with the patch: * The game effects speed will have changed after patching so you will need to adjust them from "system settings->effect speed". * Videos may not play at all unless you disable overlay support and on some versions of windows they will not play at all - this is a game issue and not to do with the patch. Full screen also may not work depending on your windows configuration. * When you start a new game you have the choice to put in your own name. Although the game will say it's not supported in the English localization, it does actually work. If you choose to input anything other than the default name it is normal for there to be gaps in the voice acting where the protagonist's name would be called. * It is normal to not be able to highlight dialogue in the backlog to listen to it again, this was unable to be fixed during development. You may be able to highlight text but it will be offset from the dialogue actually spoken. * It is normal for the occasional menu item to still be in Japanese. Some were not able to be corrected. * This game can be run without Japanese locale after install but any Japanese text in the interface will be mangled as a result. * Official development thread: [fuwanovel]( 24th September 2017 **Screenshots**: ![alt text]( ![alt text]( ![alt text]( ![alt text]( ![alt text](

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  • ToHeart2 XRATED
    • dpl
      • extra.a (7 Bytes)
      • puzzle.a (174.7 KiB)
      • puzzle.dll (620.0 KiB)
      • puzzle.exe (40.0 KiB)
      • puzzle.sys (48.0 KiB)
      • sound.a (131.6 MiB)
      • texture.a (182.7 MiB)
      • voice.a (2.7 MiB)
    • sss
      • SSS.exe (2.7 MiB)
      • bgm.ar2 (2.2 MiB)
      • data.ar2 (2.7 MiB)
      • map00.bin (12.5 KiB)
      • map10.bin (12.5 KiB)
      • map11.bin (13.9 KiB)
      • parts.bin (5.5 KiB)
      • se.ar2 (202.9 KiB)
      • tex.ar2 (10.2 MiB)
      • voice.ar2 (5.2 MiB)
    • FNT.PAK (8.6 MiB)
    • GRP.PAK (891.5 MiB)
    • SDT.PAK (3.1 MiB)
    • SE.PAK (218.4 MiB)
    • TOHEART2.EXE (2.3 MiB)
    • bak.pak (299.9 MiB)
    • bgm.PAK (97.4 MiB)
    • mov.pak (1.3 GiB)
    • voice.pak (1.0 GiB)
Pretty sad that you made a torrent with my patch and removed the credits and notes included from my translation work.

superelmo (uploader)

That’s easy to fix. Everything is in the description now, by clicking on README.TXT and INSTALLATION_INSTRUCTIONS.TXT. :) I don’t like uploading text files and url files along with the game files, but I always give credits to translators and post links to their sites.
It's nice to see you again superelmo.
is this game already been patch

superelmo (uploader)

Yes, it is pre-patched.
Can you seed, please ? @superelmo