HoneySelect + All DLC & Extra Content [BACKUP] - Version 1.20

2017-06-14 07:15 UTC
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10.7 GiB
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![alt text](http://i.imgur.com/lZ04Peg.png "HoneySelect") #### **HoneySelect + All DLC & Extra Content [BACKUP] - Version 1.20** **SIZE:** _10.7GB RAR - 21.3GB Extracted_ **CONTENTS** *HoneySelect Base Game Included with All Updates, Patches and Extra Content* *HoneySelect DLC#_01 Included with All Updates, Patches and Extra Content* *HoneySelect DLC#_02 Included with All Updates, Patches and Extra Content* *HoneySelect Battle Arena Included with All Updates, Patches and Extra Content* **INSTALLATION** *Extract or Unzip to Desktop and Play* **MISSING UPDATES** ‚óŹ *honeyparty_01_plus_0630grt_all - Required for English Translation + More* **EXTRA INFORMATION** *Vanilla [Backup] No **Mods** or **English Translations** where used*

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  • Fully Updated HoneySelect + All DLC & Extra Content [BACKUP] - Version 1.20.rar (10.7 GiB)
where's the seeder ??
This new torrent should include all the new content from 0528 as well as 0602 patches (28-05-2017 - 02-06-2017), and again, it does NOT include any mods, plugins or translations.
Here's my Quick Installation Guide for those who need it: https://pastebin.com/1QANaMXq - If ya'll could just figure the installation stuff out by yourselves, that'd be swell.
Trash torrent, don't bother. So tired of trying to get this installed when I played and installed this game 10 times before with success. It's missing files or something, everything gives me a black screen, IPA does nothing to help. I tried with or without DLCs. I'm done, there has to be a working torrent around here.
dawknight, have you installed Anime-Sharing/Hongfire's E/MF patches? If yes, don't install them, re-install a fresh one. If not, but still have these issues, then your PC is trash, and you're trashier.
Dawknight youre an idiot. Torrent totally works, thank you Makasin! Stupid question of my own, i ran the EMF patch to get as much english as possible, but im not seeing any options for "party". That supposed to happen? Otherwise everything works
@darixta dum dum, read my goddamned Quick installation guide, DO NOT INSTALL THE E/MF PATCHES, THEY BREAK THE GAME, they are meant for version 1.11, so it's pretty old thus applying this patch would turn your game into a "hybrid" install, making it unplayable after the first sex session with any girl.
There is a megapack for mod with this good pack all in one ?
does anyone have a download for just the patches and dlc i already have the game