Yume Miru Kusuri / ユメミルクスリ

2015-10-18 18:39 UTC
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![Image](http://s6.postimg.org/t0khnn62p/image.jpg) Title: Yume Miru Kusuri Original title: ユメミルクスリ Year: Japan 2005-12-22, English Version 2007-04-25 Length: Medium (10 - 30 hours) Developer: rúf Publishers: Language: English Voice: Japanese Uncensored Description: ![Image](http://img.gamefaqs.net/box/7/6/6/71766_back.jpg) I am just an average student, living an average, colorless life. I study, I work my part-time job, I get through my day just like everyone else, trying not to stand out from the crowd. But suddenly, almost before I realize it, the winds of change have blown into my life. They come in the form of three girls, girls who have been around me for some time, but who I never noticed in this way before. They are most definitely not living a colorless life like everyone else in postmodern Japan. They seem to float above society, strangely unaffected by it. Instinctively I know I should avoid getting involved with them, and yet before I know it, my destiny is bound with theirs. Where will it all lead? Important: ! This is a version without the commercial movies for other H games from g-collection and Peach Princess. The video files with commercials are more than 1GB. 1. Mount the .iso file with Daemon Tools. 2. Install the game. 3. Do not unmount the .iso file. [! A link to patch v 1.1, that fix some minor grammar errors.](http://web.archive.org/web/20070421193055/http://peachprincess.com/extras/yume_text_patch_ver_1.1.zip) System Requirements: 780 MB hard drive, 32 MB Memory, Pentium II or higher processor recommended, DirectX compatible graphics and sound card. Screenshots: ![Image](https://s.vndb.org/sf/86/14786.jpg) ![Image](https://s.vndb.org/sf/87/14787.jpg) ![Image](https://s.vndb.org/sf/48/248.jpg) ![Image](https://s.vndb.org/sf/50/250.jpg) ![Image](https://s.vndb.org/sf/84/14784.jpg)

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