Fakku's English Hentai Manga Collection v2009.0

2009-06-14 16:17 UTC
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Fakku's English Hentai Manga Collection v2009.0 Hentai Manga Enthusiasts, This is my very first ever torrent, so please be patient if I leave anything out or make any mistakes. I recently stumbled across a few Hentai sites which contained mostly manga with translations to English. If you are not familiar with Fakku, and are a hentai enthusiast, you should search it out. The site is well organized, has excellent support, and contains quite a lot of material. The one problem I found (personally) was that downloading all their material took time. If you have been on the site for some time, and only needed to grab new material/updates, it works fine. However, if you are playing catch up, and want all ~1200 of their English translated Hentai, you've got several links and a few days work ahead of you. To simplify, I've created a torrent with all the works to date (June 14, 2009), which can be downloaded by new users to the site. Hopefully it will save time for new users, lighten the load on the Fakku servers, and bring more users over to their board. Since I'm kind of an organization freak, I've decided to create top level folders of \[Artists\],{Doujin or Series}, and then \[Unknown Artist\]. Essentially, if there is an artists with multiple works, all of them will go into the \[Artist\] folder. If he/she has several from a series (doujin, original series, etc), then there will be a {Doujin or Series} subfolder underneath \[Author\]. Since there are also some series that have several "one offs" from multiple artists, the top level {Doujin or Series} folders will contain those titles. This will also carry into the actual file names. Each file needs to have 4 pieces of information associated with it; author, series, title & translated language. When possible, the folder provides a pieced of that information so that all the files do not have to carry the additional info. (i.e. if you search for "yamatagowa" on your OS, you will be spit back the single folder where his multiple works are stored, not the entire list of all his works. This may not be an issue for many artists that have only a few works, but can be problematic for searches on prolific authors and/or generic/wildcard searches which could return multiple authors) It also helps to reduce the "too long of file name" error which can occur with some of the more lengthy title names. This is especially true when backing up files to a NAS or cloud. It also sucks for command line stuff. To sum it up, most files in the collection will be limited to just "title" under an \[Author\] or \[Author\]\\{Series} subfolder. Some will be "\[Author\] Title" under a {Series} folder. and a few will be under the Unknown authors folder. Original works will have no {Series} designation...so if no series is specified it either isn't part of one or it wasn't listed with one in the Fakku database. Lastly, I've found that I really like having the files in the .cbz format. The handy comic book readers will allow you to view them w/o unzipping, or you can easily unzip them directly into the subfolder if you desire. by keeping them in this format, I can also reduce the total files in the collection from about 50,000 .jpgs down to about 1200 .cbz files. This improves search time as well as makes it easier to traverse the file system. Users can unzip if they like, but I will include the latest version of a few my favorite freeware comic book reader, comical, for those who want to give it a try or are already familiar with comic book readers. Iv'e also included the 32 bit and 64 bit 7-zip for those who want an easy util for mass decompression of folders & subfolders. The free Windows util is fine for single files, but when you've got a large group of folders to work with, I find 7-zip fairly helpful, and of course, free. Please feel free to comment on my torrent, point out any errors, and give me suggestions for the next one (I'm planning on either a 6-month or 3-month update to the Fakku collection.) \- Xenor P.S. I'm excited to finally be giving back to the torrent community!

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